Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) is a socio-religious and non-political organization established in year 2008. Its main aim is to present Islamic Dawah before common people in general and students in particular to promote virtues and moral values in our society. Besides dawah, Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) is also actively extending support in social services and relief activities.

The fact that people in our state have been suffering at many fronts but the core issues being moral degradation, rise in social evils, pathetic and miserable conditions of orphans, widows and destitutes need to be addressed on war footing basis. In view of these challenges confronting our society, Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) is trying to take a lead in eradicating these social evils besides imparting true Islamic knowledge.

Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) is in a mood to function as an ideological organization for the social progress, development and reconstruction of the society in the light of divine guidance. In order to undertand Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) in a better way and more essentially with regard to its views on Islam, care has been taken in a manner to have complete thrust on the arabic word “Islam" which means peace, dedication and submission or we can say it is simply a path to peace through complete submission to Allah SWT. Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) believes that real function of the organization would not be to impart Dawah only but to impart modern social and scientific knowledge among the youth and students so that they become torch bearers of morality and ethics to secure first their hereafter and at the same time to fight against social evils which could ultimately lead to transformation of society.


Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) has been striving hard to accomplish the following aims & objectives:

  • To impart true Islamic values based upon Quran and authentic sunnah to all sections of society.
  • To promote Islamic Dawah/Modern secular knowledge among the student community.
  • To create awareness about social evils by promoting Islamic moral values with the aim to eradicate them from their roots.
  • To help widows, orphans and destitute in their well being and welfare.
  • To provide platform for youth and students to express their creativity at many forums.
  • To impart skill oriented short courses to widows/downtrodden sections of society to make them self sufficient.
  • To conduct various programmes like seminars, conferences, written examinations across educational institutions on morality and other scientific subjects.
  • To make best use of modern technology to impart Dawah and modern knowledge among general masses and students in particular.

Islamic Da'wah Centre
Seeloo (Sopore), Zaingeer, 193201

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